“Rites of Passage” as you enter stages of your life

There are  lots of books written about the “stages of life” one goes through.  I like to refer to them as “rites of passage”.

The major ones that come to mind would be: Birth, Leaving childhood and becoming an adolescent, Leaving home, Weddings, and Death/Funerals.

A rite of passage, which marks a time when a person reaches a new and significant change in his/her life, is something that nearly all societies recognize and often hold ceremonies for.

These ceremonies are held to observe a person’s entry into a new stage of life and certainly a marriage is right up at the top of the list. Most rites help people to understand their new roles in society. They can also help others learn to treat people in new ways after they experience certain rites of passage.

Most rites of passage fall into three main phases:

1. In the separation phase, the participant is taken away from his/her familiar environment and former role and enters a very different and sometimes foreign routine that they need to adjust to and get comfortable An example would be one’s birth or leaving for college or military service.

2. The transition phase, parties learns the appropriate behavior for the new stage they are entering. This phase can include the time when a person becomes engaged to be married. At this time, they are learning about the new stage of life they will soon enter — marriage. They are also adjusting and preparing for it, or making a transition. Another example would be adolescence and all the changes that are made when moving from a child dependent on parents, to becoming independent.

3. Incorporation into a new role. The last phase is happens when the person is formally admitted into the new role. Marriage is a good example of a rite that would take place in the incorporation phase. After people are married, they have taken on a very new and different role, having prepared for it in earlier transition and separation rites.

Elopements are significant in that the privacy of the wedding is between the Bride and Groom is open to the world once the “announcement” is conveyed to their family and friends. Parties and celebrations do follow most of the time.

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When you want to have that honeymoon experience on line

Listen to Hawaiian Music
to Hawaiian Music

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Happiness is Getting Married at Home

Guess who got married last Saturday and 1,179,127 others “LIKE” this??? Hint.. think FACEBOOK founder.

WE LOVE couples who get married at home and in small wedding chapels

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Paws of Honor

Including Your Pup On the Big Day -and know they are welcome at the

Wine Country Wedding Chapel in Old Town Temecula

A pink tie that matches the groom’s makes your pup a true part of the wedding party.

For many of us, our dogs are so much more than “man’s best friend.” They’re part of our family and an integral part of our lives.

It’s no wonder more and more couples are choosing to include their canine family members in their nuptials.

Here are a few tips for how to include your pup on your wedding day (and how to keep your pup from running amok).

1) If you’re set on having your pet walk down the aisle, choose your venue and vendors carefully. Remember, not everyone loves dogs as much as you. Many venues only allow service animals, and it’s not uncommon for people to be afraid of dogs, particularly large breeds.

The best policy is to let everyone (guests included) know Rambo will be at the wedding. That way you can hire accordingly, and guests will know what to expect ahead of time.

2) Consider your dog’s temperament before deciding how to include them. You don’t need a Marley at your wedding. Whether you want your pooch to be a part of the ceremony or just a spectator, they have to be up to the task.

Even if your dog is normally well behaved, put him or her in the care of someone familiar who can wrangle any bad behavior before it turns disastrous. And remember, a dog that’s aggressive or afraid of people probably shouldn’t be invited to the wedding.

3) Be creative with how to include your dog in the wedding. Typical jobs for both big and small breeds include…

Flower dog: Your dog can carry a bouquet of flowers or basket of petals in his mouth. Just try to avoid flowers toxic to dogs, such as hydrangeas and azaleas. Too hard for Fido? You can always attach a basket to his collar. It’s just as adorable.
Ring bearer: You can find pillows that tie to dog collars, or simply attach the rings to the collar itself with ribbon or other decorative material. Voilà!
Bridesmaid or best man: There are many options for dressing all sizes of dogs. Here are a few: Doggie Clothesline, Mrs. Bones and Doggie Designer. (However, we prefer a floral collar – it’s much more chic!)

4) Make your dog as comfortable as possible. If you can, have Shadow check out the venue before the big day so he becomes familiar with the space.

Get any doggy clothing ahead of time so he can get used to it, especially if he doesn’t normally dress up. The more familiar your pet is with the details, the better behaved he’ll be.

5) Avoid accidents. Feed your dogs either in advance or at the end of the night and give them lots of opportunities to do their business before the event. You don’t want to step in something unexpected as you make your way down the aisle, and your guests don’t want it either!

6) Make it fun for your dog! Unless Bella is 100 in doggie years, she’ll probably need some stimulation to make it through the day. Consider handing out treats guests can give to your dog for tricks or good behavior. Your dog wrangler can help your pet interact with guests, and make sure your pooch gets all the care she needs to enjoy your wedding day.

–Brandi Coleman Valdez

Brandi lives with three dogs, two cats and one husband.

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Wedding Venue – Not the “Blue” you want

When planning your special day, be cautious and do research on your venue.  Fortunately, this wedding was put back together and the couple got married on April 16th!


“Jason and Jasmane Luna were married April 16 at Serra Plaza in San Juan Capistrano. Their original wedding date was Feb. 11, but their plans were thrown into disarray by the shutdown of Forster Mansion, the original venue.”


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Place of Honor

Place of Honor

The Brides parents were married on April 24th and to honor them, the couple chose the same day to get married.

There are some weddings where everyone just has a lot of fun.  MaryAnn and Gary’s wedding was just one of those we enjoyed a lot!  Take a look at the videos and it will make you smile too!

Family guest have a lot of fun too

Here is a cute video:

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Famous Weddings – date line April 21, 2012

As posted on Twitter, the new age “Announcements” section of the newspaper:

Neil Diamond@NeilDiamond

Katie and I got married last night, we wish you all could’ve been there. It was magical! Love, Neil

We have an electronic photo frame in our chapel that scrolls pictures of famous couples on wedding day. We can even add yours!

Neil Diamond Weds Manager Katie McNeil

In Beverly Hills

04/23/2012 07:01 AM ET

 Neil Diamond married his manager Katie McNeil Saturday night in Beverly Hills after announcing his engagement last September. Diamond, 71, hosted a “quiet and intimate” setting for his wedding by inviting family and friends. This is the third marriage for the singer.

Neil Diamond And Katie McNeil

It is the first marriage for McNeil.

The amazing part about the couple is how they met. She was the executive producer for the documentary “Neil Diamond: Hot August Night NYC” in 2009. The two met during the filming and have been in love ever since.

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Wedding Showers

The living room at the Wedding Chapel was enjoyed by the Temecula “Circle of Friends” Book Club today. Everyone had a good time and decided we need to have wedding showers and parties here more often!!!!!

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Spring Fever

It’s Spring and time to elope or thinking about a unique small wedding? think: Temecula Wine Country Wedding Chapel!  See the review from a newly wed couple:


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April 15, 1912

My birthday is April 15th and the more I study history, the more I find interesting facts for this day.

April 15, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, so I thought a little history around wedding attire would be appropriate, as many weddings are performed aboard cruise ships. It has been reported there were 20 newly wed or honeymooners on the Titanic that maiden voyage.  [Interesting facts at the bottom of this post.]   For the fashionista’s  read on…..

Bridal Wedding Veils of the Titanic Era 1912Bridesmaid 1912

Bride with veil 1913Whilst the yoked dress of the bride may seem to belong to a date nearer 1900-1905, her veil shown on the right is in fashion in 1912/13.   In fact this mob cap style of bridal head dress stayed popular for some 20 years. Dress 1910

The dresses of the bridesmaids are empire in line and the skirts have some width, but much less flow or trailing fabric of earlier Edwardian hemlines.

The tiered effect and the layered sleeve styles also pay homage to dresses at the beginning of the Titanic fashion era. The pink dress, on the left, of 1910 has a very similar pinafore bodice layered neckline to the bodice the bridesmaids wear.   Hat 1910

The other most important significant factor is the style of hats. The hats in this photo are on the wider side and quite firmly late Edwardian hat styles, like this hat on McCall’s magazine cover of 1910.

Here are some Titanic facts that may be of interest:

  • The Titanic was never christened.
  • Ethel and Edward Bean were the only “newly wed couple” who survived. The Beanes did not leave the Titanic together.  Some accounts say that neither knew the other had survived until they re-united on a lifeboat.
  • Although most passengers had to share bathrooms (only the two promenade suites in first class had private bathrooms), third class had it rough with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laroche were the only Black Family aboard the Titanic, and they were in Second Class. Joseph did not survive the sinking, however his wife and two daughters were saved in lifeboat #10.
  • 12 dogs were on board and only 3 survived, two being Pomeranians.
  • Robert W. Daniel, a Banker, and fellow survivor Mrs. Lucien P. Smith, met in a rescue lifeboat.  Mrs. Smith’s husband perished during the disaster. The two were married in 1914 in New York City.
  • The Titanic ship had 20 life boats. There were to be 32 lifeboats, but the owners cut 12 to improve the aesthetic appearance before leaving port.
  • One week before the tragic voyage, George W. Vanderbilt III canceled plans for his family to sail on the passenger liner.
  • Honeymooners, Daniel and Mary Marvin were returning to New York City. Mrs Marvin was rescued in lifeboat #10 but Daniel Marvin died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified. 6 months later, on October 21, 1912, Mary gave birth to a baby girl, the posthumous daughter of Daniel Warner Marvin. Daniel was a motorcycle rider with a touring group.
  • 705 passengers (a few more or less according to different sources) survived the sinking of the Titanic.
  • At 11.40. p.m., on Sunday 14 April 1912 Titanic struck an iceberg and sank at 2.40. a.m. 1912 on Monday April 15 1912.
  • The Titanic wreck was found 73 years later in 1985 south-east of Newfoundland, Canada.  It was 12,000 feet down on the seabed.
  • Last Survivor Of Titanic, Millvina Dean, died 31 May 2009.  She was only 2 months old on that fateful day. Her brother, Bertram, died, aged 81, on 14 April 1992, 80 years to the day after the Titanic struck the iceberg.
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